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Untitled by RemainToBetray Untitled :iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 0 0
                    chemically   disassembled--
Cling to comfort;
liquid strength.
It's fight
                or flight.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 10 3
To what do I owe,
these terms of disdain?
Amending the disgrace you describe,
is not worth my name.
I'm stuck in the cross-hairs--
but you misjudged your aim.
Regard, consciousness,
pride and shame.
Defrauded in mere moments;
With one syllable,
                               of a nameless game.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 1 3
                         to say the least:
          a mind fulfilled,
                  turned into a mind so bleak.
S l i p  p   i    n    g    
                                  into a suit,
             that fits the persona of last week.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 5 11
I considered it a loss;
             the vacancy,
Your gaze upon my nude eyelids,
            at three in the morning.
The absence of tranquility,
                            came at a cost;
it hammered at my cerebrum,
                            during waking hours.
I called it transience.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 7 4
Flesh and Blood
Sometimes I wish,
I could wake at one in the morning;
a cold sweat gathering at my brows,
to find my reality a dream.

Driving down main street,
the pungent aroma of second hand smoke:
tar, and carbon monoxide masking
the fresh air of a cool breeze,
lingering in the atmosphere surrounding.
I can only dream of lungs,
full of the gift created by purity;
cleanliness in a wretched reality.

He mumbles the lyrics of "Benny and the Jets",
lips unable to separate,
except for the rare ash of his cigarette
through the drivers window.
I try to escape this dismal view--
of a reality that has become too revolting to exist for;
sitting in a tin can,
rolling down an intersection.

Sometimes I curse the idea of memory,
or the stark realization;
I was created by my own worst enemy.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 18 14
Warm by RemainToBetray Warm :iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 13 16 Reflect by RemainToBetray Reflect :iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 3 4
A grin spreads
across the visage feared by most,
and questioned by all others.  
A pungent aroma
has been been detected;
has expired.  
Perceived as any other,
she is like every other ever encountered:
emotional, confused, and questionable in character.
Her charcoal and ebony hair,
resembling electrical wire,
is a frame to present the masterpiece that is her face:
Ivory skin, green eyes,
and a formerly crease-free complexion.
But it seems,
fate sealed her destiny.
The piercing light of a fiery sunset,
cast shadows on her decrepit form;
but she never shuddered.
I looked on,
as the earth she stood atop melted into abyss,
and began consuming her.
In the midst of her depletion,
unlike countless others;
she looked me in the eyes,
and I was affected.
She was left,
like those before her;
merely a memory.
I am,
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 14 5
Daisy drowning is
      a sin in the rawest form,
                  full sun, s e r a p h i c.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 7 2
She loathes the vacant feeling,
beneath every pore;
the desolate sensation in general.
The scrutiny that she has stored,
is beginning to decay,
and give way to all of the things,
it pains her to hide within herself.
She's become an empty bucket,
and misery trickles into her one drop at a time;
a collection she uses as her only vice.
The paranoia that she's beginning to sense,
is finally hitting the surface;
she knows they can see it scrawled all over her.
There's braille on her hips,
because it's easy to feel her every inch;
and she's content with her momentary lapse of apprehension.
No longer does she have a choice,
but to succumb among these worms--
this scum of life itself;
making her way toward the scalding hot
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 27 13
I recall the black flies,
that adorned a red oak window sill;
their carcasses created a speckled pattern,
across the beautiful finish beneath them.
You cringed as you wiped up their fossilized remains,
with a dirty cloth and some sanitizing spray;
but I could only think of their remnants
as reminders of the only existence,
residing amongst me at the time.
The dust from years past,
was caked down over cast iron pots and pans--
and spiders spun webs between soiled dishes,
far past the point of decomposition.
You wouldn't touch them without gloves;
you couldn't bear to feel
the grainy sediment under your fingernails--
your stomach couldn't take the gravity of the situation.
I felt at home; this was our home--
a mere pile of debris in a void with four walls,
where had the years come and gone?
Now, to pick up the pieces
of decades full of memories;
already having lost the gateway full of past recollection--
It seems you've disconnected;
and your gloves can't possibly take you far enough fro
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 14 10
The In-between by RemainToBetray The In-between :iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 5 7 Boundless by RemainToBetray Boundless :iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 3 9
I've resided here;
in a land of heat and desolation--
begging every moment,
for a ray of sunlight to fall upon me.
A long bath of chemicals,
couldn't take that kind of emptiness away;
casting shadows,
over my eyes--
lulling me to sleep...
The substance of life,
filling me with the periodic table.
you were chemistry.
There's a tinge of acid,
in your blood stream--
and you always said that was me;
winding through your ventricles--
eating at your core.
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 7 4
I used to think,
you were an architect;
you demolished my walls,
so I would invite you in.
But maybe you were a wrecking ball;
tearing me down,
and making me small.

I imagined you an engineer;
tinkering with minuscule pieces,
until they formed a mechanism,
that fit perfectly in your hand.
Perhaps you were an open flame--
scorching things,
and never leaving them the same.

I believed you were a doctor;
a cardiologist of some kind--
sewing together broken pieces,
and making me whole.
But maybe you were something,
I was too blind to see;
maybe you were just a disease,
sucking the
out of me...
:iconremaintobetray:RemainToBetray 24 9


A52 by kooookooookooookoooo A52 :iconkooookooookooookoooo:kooookooookooookoooo 2,143 111 Caution by ThibaultFischer Caution :iconthibaultfischer:ThibaultFischer 3,770 309 roses by Avine roses :iconavine:Avine 1,940 91
Long ago I wrote my wisest words of that young age
I had written many lines, but most I would reject
Suddenly my pencil then entrusted to the page
that the Truth is always more important than its side effects.
And I never knew
If I had written truth
I've been thinking ever since to find the greatest truth
to make sense of the paradox confusing all our lives
A philosopher I soon became
the subject has since stayed the same
Should we think, or should we feel; will the wits or heart survive
And I never knew
How to find the truth
Now, did i finally find the right way
to live, and help you from sorrow?
I'd tell you to know about yesterday,
feel about today, and think about tomorrow.
Yet, when thinking of you
I feel for you too;
just a side effect of the truth?
:iconnamenotrequired:namenotrequired 332 276
White. Woodland Scene. by Ryo-Says-Meow White. Woodland Scene. :iconryo-says-meow:Ryo-Says-Meow 2,169 245 you don't sing to me anymore by visceral you don't sing to me anymore :iconvisceral:visceral 1,246 132 Abschied by AnjaMillen Abschied :iconanjamillen:AnjaMillen 553 118
For a Former Friend
For a Former Friend
You are like a toilet seat.
But I could tolerate your
Stench since you were useful when my
Glutted depths needed some
Shoving out. But you are also like a
      Toilet seat
That swallows too much
Booze, and bites the
Heads off baby puffins, with a hinging
Heave like puking drunks on
Porcelain. I told you
That I loved puffins, but you'd mock, your mouth
Smacking against itself like bitter
Smokestacks having sex
In toilet water…
You are a toilet seat
That found it fit one day to
Stick your lukewarm club of a
Handle  down my
Sister's everything
And before she felt the slightest twinge of gripping-the-
You flushed and dumped your shat-down water on her
And I suppose this is the end.
:icontransienttophat:TransientTopHat 4 7
My Inner Self by AnneMarks My Inner Self :iconannemarks:AnneMarks 203 56 waiting. by wonderbandalice waiting. :iconwonderbandalice:wonderbandalice 339 95
Lie upon the table dear,
We'll find out what's the matter here.
Bite the rag and close your eyes
Whilst i run and fetch my knives.
Incisions with blades do i make,
And a hammer with which your sternum to break.
Cold steel bites into your pale skin,
A cry escapes your thin, red lips.
With skin peeled away,
Now just the bone is in the way.
The hammer and chisel come out to play,
And, quite quickly, it does give way.
When I have cleared away the bloody mess,
I do begin my passionate quest.
I poke and prod and touch and feel,
But what i see simply cannot be real.
There, inside your chest,
Lays a broken, wretched, blackened mess.
I look into your lovely eyes,
And deepest sorrow becomes mine.
"Don't worry, I can help," says me,
And you let out a muffled scream.
I work for hours at your heart,
Oh, what a delicate art.
"There, all done," I say, looking at a heart now clean.
But then, i notice, it also does not beat. 
My pulse pounds in my throat,
And i feel that i
:iconveroslykkah:VerosLykkah 1 3




Had a little solo photo shoot today. :)
I had to! It's so sunny and beautiful and slightly windy.
I'm considering uploading the products later, if they're any good.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather where you are.

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